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A Guide to Watamu:

Mida Ecocamp, Watamu, Kenya

Practical Issues

Watamu Causes:


Mida Ecocamp, Watamu, Kenya.

  • Mida Ecocamp offers accommodation for all types of people:
    • There are three huts, all built in different coastal styles. The wooden Zanzibar Kibanda on two floors with beautiful views from the top resting area is a favourite with our guests.
      The Swahili and Giriama huts have both concrete floors and comfortable beds with white linen and mosquito-nets. Towels and soaps are provided.
    • For backpackers or campers we offer secluded shady campsites.
    • We also have a separate site for overland trucks with further eight showers, two toilets and a large campfire.

      Swahili banda.

  • Giriama dancers and drummers.The Giriama Dancers and Drummers, who usually perform at weddings or funerals for people in Mida, can be booked for performances.

  • Food: The kitchen offers food from traditional Giriama recipes with a slight European influence.
    All food is prepared on the two large fires in our kitchen underneath the platform restaurant and bar. The kitchen is to highest hygienic standards.

  • In low seasons or for large groups food should be pre-ordered.

  • Our bar offers cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Guests can also have a taste of the local mnazi (coconut-wine).
    Eco camp bar and restaurant.

  • Electricity: We have opted for the more eco-friendly option of having solar power for the use of our fridge, freezer and the downstairs shower and toilet lights. Everything else in the camp is lit by kerosene lights and a large campfire next to the platform, which together with the sounds of crickets and frogs creates a beautiful atmosphere in the evenings.

  • Zanzibar Banda at Mida Ecocamp. There are two showers and two toilets located in the platform area for the use of our guests staying in the huts.

  • We are offering seven different excursions from canoe-trips through the mangrove channels to village tours. And to give parents a bit of peace, we are undertaking a trip named ‘Little creatures for little children’. Please contact me, if you require any more information.

  • Location: Ecocamp is well signposted on the Mombasa-Malindi Road. It is 100 km north of Mombasa and 20 km south of Malindi.
    From Gede it is 5 km South on the Mombasa-Malindi Road.
    From the Mida Boardwalk it can be reached by foot within 10 minutes.
    The matatus stop at Mida Ecocamp, from where the camp is a 10 minute walk.

Comments from some of our customers:

A Giriama lady, who grew up and lives in Mombasa: “I only know Giriama traditions from textbooks, now I had the wonderful experience the real Giriama life.”

My mother: “This is the true paradise. This is what people are looking for. It’s so rare to find a place like this.”

Mr Kafulo, mayor of Malindi and one of our most loyal customers: “This is my favourite place. It is the only place where shark and elephant can kiss. This is the only place where I can find real peace.”

A Swiss guy, who lives in the nearest town of Watamu: “You can’t find food like this anywhere any more.”



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